Tired of Reading Long Slack Threads?
Introducing Summary
By Forest
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Use the Forest summarise shortcut on any slack thread and get rid of reading long threads
Summarise Slack Threads in 2 simple steps
Install Forest Slack App and add it to any slack channel
Add the Forest bot to any slack channel where you want to generate summaries by typing @Forest Bot
Click on the thread and add Forest Shortcut
Go to any slack thread and hover on it. Click on the three dots in the right hand side and a list of options would appear. Select Summarise this thread by Forest and your thread summary will be generated.
How does it work?
Power of Forest
Forest is the new and faster way to build workflows and connect APIs while having complete control over your code. This slack app was built using Forest's workflow builder where we used a webhook to listen to slack commands and REST API block to integrate with Open AI's API along with some custom JS to write the core logic. Want to build such workflows?
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